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We like to express our opinions and collaborate on ideas, so here are some good reads on strategy, community, Karsh Hagan culture, and recent work that we are proud of straight from the makers and doers at Karsh Hagan.

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Using NFTs to Protect Creative Works

(6 minute read) We create NFTs of our creative work, not to compete in the art market, but to serve as an immutable, publicly-available, historical document of our work and the state of design and advertising in these strange times.

Pondering What's Possible in Creative Technology

(6 minute read) Our VP, Creative Technology Director talks about how Karsh Hagan plans to traverse the digital unknown.

Department Dialogues: Creative

(3 minute read) Jason Kusmanoff, Associate Creative Director Jason Kusmanoff has almost all he needs to be a badass rockstar.

20 Years: Producer. Creative. Animal Lover. Friend.

(2 minute read) When one Googles the definition of “passion,” Becky’s face should be the first item that pops up!

Account + Creative: Sibling Rivalry?

(2 minute read) From our own Lauren Curler, Account Director I recently moderated the Ad Club panel for Account+Creative: Sibling Rivalry? assembled of local creative and account pros – Becky Herman, Account Lead at Grenadier; Jim Morrissey, Creative Director at O’brien; Holly Menges, Creative Director at PILGRIM; Jeff Kosloski, Group Creative Director at Integer.

Creative Mornings comes to Denver

(1 minute read) Yodel-odel-ay-hee-hoo! Denver recently joined a list of 67 international cities as a host for CREATIVE MORNINGS.

Season's Givings

(3 minute read) In a year like no other, Karsh Hagan is elevating its holiday spirit by giving back. Get some much-needed holiday cheer from Colorado's premier creative agency right here.

Adapting to “The New Normal”

(1 minute read) In March, Karsh Hagan began pivoting its business to better help our clients and our creative team adapt to advertising in this rapidly changing new world. This eye-opening infographic shows just how much things have changed for all of us since COVID-19 started and what opportunities your business has to draw in conversion-ready consumers.


(9 minute read) How unprecedented collaboration across a medical campus led to an unparalleled creative breakthrough.

Local Charity Asked Us to Put Them Out of Business

(2 minute read) Mark Stiltner, Associate Creative Driector, talks about our interns putting together a project for client Metro Caring.

From the Mountains to Manhattan: Ad Week 2017

(3 minute read) At the end of every September, leaders from the advertising, marketing, media, tech and creative industries gather in New York for Advertising Week.

Transforming a Website into an Alexa Voice Bot

(8 minute read) In the spirit of innovation and exploration, the creative technology team at Karsh Hagan embarked on a quest to create a voice-driven bot to learn more about how to apply the technology.