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How To Use AI In Marketing

June 6, 2024

Written By:

Justin Levin, Melissa Pert, Avery Anderson, McCall Moore, and David Stewart

We’re changing things up a bit with this article about AI. Instead of pumping out another article about how AI is going to change the world or how the machines aren’t going to kill us yet, we decided to give you a practical guide on how we’re implementing AI here at Karsh Hagan, with a little forward thinking to wrap it up. Each department contributed to this to provide you with their expert POV on each speciality, how we’re integrating AI into our workflow today, and the impact of AI on their respective areas. 

Branding & Design AI

There are a variety of AI tools we are currently using to improve ideation and increase our creative output. Many of the tools are in the statics space but we’re really excited about how the video generation tools are going to evolve and adapt into storytelling solutions.

  • For brand research and ideation, Chat GPT is still king and we use it everyday.
  • Since we use Adobe products, Adobe Generative fill has become a daily lifesaver and timesaver in concepting and production for images
  • If we need to generate photo realistic images, Mid Journey is our goto solution
  • Luma Ai is our standard for generating and manipulating 3d video assets, it’s the best.
  • Another tool that allows you to generate 3d assets from 2d images is Kiri Engine,it’s a life saver.
  • For our video editors, Mask Prompter helps us mask out objects in video and manipulate video in general, it saves loads of time.

What are we watching?

  • The creative team is also keeping a close eye on Adobe Firefly and how it will evolve, it’s really nice when these Ai features are released right in the toolsets you already use.

Media & Analytics AI

We collaborate with media partners to harness the power of AI and human intelligence for data-driven, strategically sound media plans that align with our client’s goals — giving us a competitive edge in media strategy and planning at Karsh Hagan. In short, our AI driven approach delivers results.

Strategic Thinking through Human Expertise and AI Automation:

We prioritize critical thinking as the foundation of our ability to adapt to dynamic market conditions, identifying opportunities and addressing challenges that automated processes may miss. Our approach combines a holistic perspective with meticulous attention to detail, enabling us to maintain a balanced approach to planning. With these core principles at the forefront, we are able to:

  • Leverage AI-powered machine learning to auto-optimize digital media performance, efficiency and effectiveness, particularly in areas such as targeting, budget allocation, and scheduling.
  • Incorporate AI-derived micro details to provide a granular understanding, while human intelligence contributes critical thinking to preserve the macro view.
  • Apply human expertise, which is essential for contextual understanding, creativity, and making nuanced decisions that may go beyond the capabilities of AI.
  • Working with analytics platforms like ChannelMix who are leveraging ai for predictive media mix modeling 

Ultimately this process allows our strategy to leverage the strengths of AI (efficiency, data processing) and human intelligence (contextual understanding, creativity) in a synergistic manner to provide well-informed, tailored solutions that align with the unique needs and goals of each client.

Social & Content

Artificial intelligence supports organic and content strategies for social media in many ways. To name a few, we can now provide our clients with deeper audience online behavior insights that inform strategies across channels, generate optimized hashtags and keywords to boost reach and create on-trend content that goes viral.

Social media management overlaps with other strategies previously mentioned. 

  • Just as Creative leverages Chat GPT for ideation and research for brand and design work, the social media team will use a program like Chat GPT to pull information and source trending hashtags - transforming a task that previously required an hour or more to now only take minutes. 

Analyze audience insights in a new way with Brandwatch's Consumer Research Tool

  • Probably the most impactful use of AI for social is the power of social listening and automated insights. The ability to pull and analyze the millions of conversations happening online across blogs, social channels, reviews, comments, and news sources and consolidate them in snack-able summaries has been a game-changer. These insights have informed and permeated strategies across the agency. 

It's impossible to go on TikTok or Instagram without seeing an AI-generated image, and this is a trend we've leaned into for its viralability.  

  • Leveraging MidJourney for image creation, our team can execute timely trends.
  • South Dakota Barbie is a fine example of how our team jumped on a timely trend swiftly and effectively. Published days before the Barbie Movie hit theaters, this reel received over 30K views within hours. Recently recognized by Denver's One Club Awards in the Timely Response category, we couldn't have executed this trend without the use of AI.

What are we watching?

  • Content trends and user engagement. In 2023, we saw the emergence of AI-generated images and augmentation going viral on social media. 
  • Reporting and analytics. AI's ability to analyze and summarize millions of mentions within minutes is a powerful tool that will inevitably revolutionize our understanding of audience behavior online.

Websites & Digital

In the digital realm, AI is not only speeding up the process of creation but it’s also changing how digital experiences will be delivered.  It’s not just an interactive experience anymore where we are using AI tools to build digital experiences, it’s becoming a generative experience where AI is actually creating the experience on the fly itself.  We always knew this was coming, but it is happening faster than expected.

AI that we are using now

  • Our development partners are using tools like Github Copilot and virtual pairing for developers and code generation to increase the development quality and speed. 
  • In figma, our ux design team is leveraging the OpenAI integration to generate content and images  to improve the speed to market with approval-ready features for sites and apps.  
  • Also using, it allows us to rebuild web pages into layered figma files with classes already labeled.  It’s a huge time saver when working with clients where we need to follow their UIkits.
  • ChatGPT is our best new research friend, literally.  It’s cutting research time easily by 50% as we search for UX solves, software platforms, and solutions to meet our clients needs 

What we’re watching 

  • We’re watching no code platforms like Webflow and how these platforms are going to evolve with AI and become more able to generate website pages and content.
  • Generative conversational experiences like, now they are creating Learning Language Models (LLMs) for certain industries and types of conversations to speed up the time to market with chatbots.
  • Duck Duck go and AI powered search., turning content platforms into conversational search with Duck Duck Go Assist, ai is allowing smaller players to compete with Google.
  • Ai platforms like H2O where non technical people can create, train and use AI models use to do a variety of business tasks with LLMs, Computer vision, document ai, etc.

Of course, this is just the beginning, and we’re genuinely excited about embracing this new technology to foster better ideas, expedite their implementation in the market, and make a little bit of money along the way. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, our ideas will be more significant and innovative than ever, leading to enhanced outcomes.

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If you could be anyone you wanted to be, who would you be? How exciting is it to think that you could start a new chapter in your life in a whole new world? Without the limitations of the physical world and human constructs that have been created around you?

Well that’s where the Metaverse comes in. There are whole new worlds being created out there that will remove the physical limitations of life and allow you to chase your dreams and be who you want to be.

Sounds pretty exciting right? Let’s dig in a little more to understand what this might look like.


Simply put, the Metaverse is the convergence of all the digital things you do online into one virtual experience.

In a sense, it already exists. We sit on Zoom calls, research on the web, talk on social media, buy things on Amazon, watch streaming events and online video, and play games. The Metaverse is already here.

But think of tying all of it together and removing some of the limitations that still exist in your physical life when you access the web.

But how is this all of the sudden now possible?

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