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It's Greater Than Gold

November 30, 2023

August 6, 2021

Written By:

Alex Malloy

"Its not wether you get knocked down"


If you could be anyone you wanted to be, who would you be? How exciting is it to think that you could start a new chapter in your life in a whole new world? Without the limitations of the physical world and human constructs that have been created around you?

Well that’s where the Metaverse comes in. There are whole new worlds being created out there that will remove the physical limitations of life and allow you to chase your dreams and be who you want to be.

Sounds pretty exciting right? Let’s dig in a little more to understand what this might look like.


Simply put, the Metaverse is the convergence of all the digital things you do online into one virtual experience.

In a sense, it already exists. We sit on Zoom calls, research on the web, talk on social media, buy things on Amazon, watch streaming events and online video, and play games. The Metaverse is already here.

But think of tying all of it together and removing some of the limitations that still exist in your physical life when you access the web.

But how is this all of the sudden now possible?

When I told my parents I was going to major in digital art, my decision was met with echoing questions:

“What even is that?”

“How are you going to make a living?”

Now 10 years out of college and as the Senior Digital Art Director at Karsh Hagan, I understand that these questions aren’t far from what we hear from prospects and clients on a daily basis.

“What is digital art, and how can it help our brand’s advertising strategy?” Let’s start from the top.

What is Digital Art?

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process.

Digital art is all around us. It’s everywhere we look. From movies like Pixar’s ‘Toy Story’ to apps like Instagram, digital art has introduced modes of storytelling that were once impossible, making it a valuable and limitless tool for advertising.

Why is Digital Art a Successful Marketing Tactic?

Now, more than ever, we’re a visually driven society. It’s no coincidence that we’re naturally drawn to images, when you consider that 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual, and that our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. The brain’s preference for images even impacts how memory is formed as 80% of people remember what they see, compared to 20 percent of what they read. That makes digital art an especially important tactic for brands looking to create a campaign that’s as efficient as it is impactful.

What is the Difference Between Digital Art and Traditional Art?

When it comes to advertising, the difference between digital art and traditional art is simple. There are no gatekeepers. Anyone with a phone in their pocket and a little bit of creativity can create and share their art. Unlike the billboards or magazines of the past, online apps allow artists to instantly publish their work for free for all to see.

The success of digital art within that context comes down to ROI. Delivering the highest return on your investment requires the ability to measure, analyze, and adapt your strategy – it requires the ability to learn. Digital art is iterative and efficient – allowing us to easily track engagement rates that let us fail fast, tweak, and refine. We can then use that information to employ data-proven digital art across all marketing channels, ultimately delivering a product that best serves your brand and your audience.

How You Can Use Digital Art In Brand Advertising

At Karsh Hagan, we have used our understanding to create beautiful and effective marketing campaigns for our clients. For VISIT DENVER we created an immersive world that targeted convention planners all over the country. We created three unique videos, using 2.5D animation. These videos were seen by over 462,610 people and counting! Check out the work here:

At Karsh Hagan, we have used our understanding to create beautiful and effective marketing campaigns for our clients. For VISIT DENVER we created an immersive world that targeted convention planners all over the country. We created three unique videos, using 2.5D animation. These videos were seen by over 462,610 people and counting! Check out the work here:

From Carissa Moore taking the first ever gold for surfing, to swimmer Caleb Dressel breaking his own world record, the Olympics are inspiring, community building, and speak to the power of human potential while igniting global conversations.

At Karsh Hagan, we view the Olympics as a time for brand building and going beyond the gold. Tapping into a viewership of more than 15 million, 7 out of 10 consumers give brands of the Tokyo Olympics credit for bringing people together (NBC). As stated by one viewer,  “These commercial breaks don’t feel like commercials."


From a practical advertising perspective there are many reasons we recommend the Olympics for our clients.

  • Aligns our clients' brands with a global narrative that sees a 10% increase in brand memorability, 33% increase in likeability and 20% increase in brand opinion.

  • The Olympics deliver a scale in viewing audiences that is rarely found in today’s fragmented media landscape. 

  • Olympic programming is unique in its ability to engage both men and women almost equally.

  • Thanks to the drawn-out event schedule, viewers keep coming back for more. As stated by the Observer, “This is a unique chance to tell their brand story—and reinforce it—by airing multiple commercials over the 16-day course of the event. The cumulative effects of this sustained exposure can be remarkably powerful.”

  • The platform the Olympics provide for storytelling aligns clients with a universally recognized celebration, positivity, and fosters conversations on difficult topics. 


The Olympics are effective in reaching large audiences, but their value extends beyond that. They also have the power to create an emotional connection with viewers by associating brands with the athletes, the events and the stories that captivate the world’s attention and hearts every four years.

The Olympics are a time to elevate what’s possible, a guiding principle of Karsh Hagan for the last 43 years. Our purpose is to solve real-world business problems that positively impact and add lasting value to people’s lives.

We believe that when brands act with intention, they can transcend what they make or do and stand for something greater. Jill Cain, Insights and Sponsorship Director at 9NEWS in Denver, said it well: “Investing in these types of events that bring the world together elevates the brand.” The power of the Olympics lies in the platform and is supported by the global collective it builds.  At present, Karsh Hagan is helping Bank of Colorado, Pinnacle Bank, Northern Light Health, and SonderMind capitalize on this momentum and memorability surrounding the games.

With the tumultuous climate of last year, purpose-driven business matters now more than ever. As people spend and consume more intentionally, they will support brands that align with their values. This relationship means that brands are expected to use commerce to positively impact a social good that’s authentic and timely. Purpose shows customers that a brand is more than just their products, services, or campaigns; it reveals they care about something more than dollar signs. The Olympics is the perfect partnership to support this theory.

For some of our clients, we had purchased Olympic packages in 2020 that were put on hold. For other clients, we recommended Olympic partnerships this year because the Tokyo games presented a quadrennial opportunity to connect -- and reconnect -- clients with customers and communities in a meaningful way.

69% of viewers say that brands that support the Games by advertising are helping the world come back together after the pandemic. The Olympics provide us with a positive and inspirational advertising environment, where we put down our ROIs and KPIs to unite under an event that showcases strength, courage, perseverance, community, and pride. And who doesn't support a world that celebrates individuals and partnerships alike?

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