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We like to express our opinions and collaborate on ideas, so here are some good reads on strategy, community, Karsh Hagan culture, and recent work that we are proud of straight from the makers and doers at Karsh Hagan.

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How to Embrace the Metaverse

(9 minute read)

What Is Digital Art?

(5 minute read)

Why Are Third Party Cookies Going Away?

(13 minute read) Why has data privacy remained the hottest topic in digital marketing over the past 18 months?

Using NFTs to Protect Creative Works

(6 minute read) We create NFTs of our creative work, not to compete in the art market, but to serve as an immutable, publicly-available, historical document of our work and the state of design and advertising in these strange times.

ReDesigning Retail

(6 minute read) Even as retail establishments begin to open back up, one of the first things on everyone’s mind is social distancing. Wearing a mask or not, everyone is painfully aware of precautions, both mandated and personal. Stores can open their doors, but the retail experience will never be the same.


(5 minute read) Karsh Hagan uses data to help clients better their business. Now, our resources have allowed us to manage multiple crises related to COVID-19.

Data-Driven Decision Making Through Testing & Optimization

(7 minute read) Today’s technology has provided us with the tools to determine, with pinpoint accuracy, who our users are and what they do online.

The Social Media Pulse: F8 Conference Round-Up

(6 minute read)

DVLP DNVR 2018 Recap

(5 minute read) Karsh Hagan joined Develop Denver for their seventh annual DVLP DNVR conference in RiNo to see what kinds of new hotness Denver's tech community is hyping, shading and ghosting.

Prototype Everything

(5 minute read) Elevating with InVision.

Cherry Creek North & CU Mobile App Design Sprint

(2 minute read) Karsh Hagan Taps CU Students' Digital Talent.

Pondering What's Possible in Creative Technology

(6 minute read) Our VP, Creative Technology Director talks about how Karsh Hagan plans to traverse the digital unknown.