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We like to express our opinions and collaborate on ideas, so here are some good reads on strategy, community, Karsh Hagan culture, and recent work that we are proud of straight from the makers and doers at Karsh Hagan.

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Adapting to “The New Normal”

(1 minute read) In March, Karsh Hagan began pivoting its business to better help our clients and our creative team adapt to advertising in this rapidly changing new world. This eye-opening infographic shows just how much things have changed for all of us since COVID-19 started and what opportunities your business has to draw in conversion-ready consumers.


(5 minute read) Karsh Hagan uses data to help clients better their business. Now, our resources have allowed us to manage multiple crises related to COVID-19.

How to Become an Insights-Driven Business

(4 minute read) Our Director of Data and Analytics, Amanda Van Orsdale, gives her breakdown on how any organization can become data-driven.