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Lauren Corna & Carol Quinn: Employee Spotlight

Tracy Broderick, president | 

Lauren Corna & Carol Quinn: Employee Spotlight

Lauren Corna and Carol Quinn Serve as Co-Directors of Account Service to guide strategic planning, integration, and growth across all clients.

With KH tenures of four and ten years, respectively, Lauren and Carol have always played key roles in the Account Service department -- and across the agency. As we evaluated what was next in terms of department oversight, the answer was right in front of us: formalize the leadership roles of Lauren and Carol as co-directors of the department. Together, they offer guidance, mentorship, and support to the team.

As Lauren and Carol continue to establish their roles, they will focus on ensuring that our team keeps our clients’ brands at the forefront of all work we develop, that all recommendations provide strategic solutions to our clients’ business objectives, and that we continue to integrate across all agency disciplines.

Additionally, they are responsible for providing everyone in the department with the right opportunities and training to elevate what is possible for their clients. They work closely with the new insights team to refine the agency’s planning process, arm the media team with key foundations for smart media plans, inspire the creative team to develop strategic campaigns, collaborate with the production team to bring ideas to life, and partner with project management to ensure efficiencies. 

Karsh Hagan is evolving, and as the agency becomes even more integrated and data-driven, Lauren and Carol will be there to guide, support, and champion our teams and clients.

Together, they offer guidance, mentorship, and support to the team. As Lauren and Carol partner to lead the department, we’re constantly looking for the best and the brightest in the industry. Interested in joining our team? Check out our career’s page for more information. 

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