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Camille Ziccardi: Employee Spotlight

Kathy Hagan, co-ceo | 

Camille Ziccardi: Employee Spotlight

Karsh Hagan promotes Camille Ziccardi to VP of Insights and Marketing Strategy to help lead the agency’s consumer perspectives and integration efforts


Karsh Hagan turns 44 this year, and while we’re rooted in who we are, every few years, what we do and how we do it evolves. 2020 was a year of reflection for us all, and the marketing industry was no exception. But, during the chaos, we were able to take a step back and quickly address how we needed to adapt to meet our client’s needs. As a result, we accelerated our business consultancy practice. We guided our partners on planning amid a pandemic and for any future crisis. We shifted the way we worked to better integrate across departments. We became more disciplined in how we used data to drive insights to inform strategy. And tightened up reporting on success to meet critical ROI goals. 


At the helm of this evolution was Camille and with support from our Leadership Team, we stretched ourselves to provide leadership for our clients. For the past nine years, Camille has supported account service, new business, and internal agency strategies. She has powered all of our new partners through planning and the strategic branding process. Before joining Karsh Hagan, Camille worked at Porter Novelli on international PR and marketing campaigns. Because Camille works on new business, most often with CEOs, CMOs, and executive teams, she knows our client's business and has a 30,000-foot view of their business.  This experience well positions her in her new role to assemble the best interdisciplinary leadership within the agency to form a focused KH Insights Team. The KH Insights Team aims to provide actionable insights and a holistic marketing strategy and communications plan to meet our client’s goals more efficiently and effectively - beyond traditional thinking.


She will lead all clients across the enterprise to help implement data-driven insights to inform yearly strategic planning, brand creative, media, digital, and social-specific deliverables. We’re excited to bring a more integrated approach to brand, content strategy, social media, media and technology to better implement and connect our clients' brand platforms and marketing efforts. 


Data and digital transformation will continue to change how we look at strategy, what “marketing solutions” look like, and how our agency operations, teams, and capabilities will need to shift to accommodate these new needs. So we’re affectionately calling 2021 the start of Karsh Hagan 3.0. We’re looking at our next five years as one of constant evolution, better integration, becoming more data-driven, and embracing change- all things Camille and our leadership have the experience to lead.  


Let us share a few success stories showing how integrated strategic planning can benefit you and your team.

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