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Michael Buelt: Employee Spotlight

Rose Abell

Michael Buelt: Employee Spotlight

Faster than the speed of light! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! It’s not Superman, but it’s close. Michael Buelt is back! 

Recently Michael rejoined Karsh Hagan as Director of Project Management. In this new role, Michael is responsible for evaluating and improving internal processes that make the agency more agile and efficient. Michael’s priorities will include standardizing project management across the agency, training teams on PM best practices, and automating resource management and reporting. Michael also will work with clients as needed, including interactive/digital project management on Pinnacle Bank and Bank of Colorado.

As the new Director of Project Management, Michael brings Melissa Len on as a new Junior Project Manager to help manage the many complex projects on deck for 2021. This team will continue to grow as Karsh Hagan tackles new business challenges and marketing solutions for clients. 

Project management has become increasingly crucial to agencies due to the growing complexities of digital and content marketing. PMs complement and work hand-in-hand with account management to provide better overall client service. 

What does all this mean? Better integration and communication to do more good work and be more efficient and effective doing it! 

As a bonus, we get Michael’s optimism and positive attitude, along with healthier plants and a resource staffing sheet that always works!

Welcome home, Michael!

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