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6 Awards, 2 Judge’s Choice at The Fifty

Caitlin Vassallo

6 Awards, 2 Judge’s Choice at The Fifty

2019 was another successful year for Karsh Hagan. At last week’s annual Ad Club event, The Fifty, our team brought home six awards along with two Judge’s Choice accolades. High five (or high six).

We are proud and incredibly grateful. Thank you to Ad Club and all judges for the opportunity to showcase our hard work. Thank you to Karshies that put their time and talents toward fueling big ideas. Thank you to the event caterers for those tiny bowls of ramen. Most of all, thank you to the clients that trust us every day, and allow us to experiment with things like talking gargoyles.


Talking Gargoyle

DEN: Talking Gargoyle | Judge’s Choice

Remember last year’s The Fifty all-star, the DENFiles? The campaign leveraged the airport's murals, statues, artwork, and world-famous conspiracy theories. People theorize about sinister ties to the Illuminati, the freemasons, aliens, and gargoyles. To continue the conversations, we brought one of the airport’s iconic gargoyle statues to life—and he spilled all the airport’s secrets. 

The animatronic gargoyle interacted with travelers and talked about the conspiracies surrounding the airport while pushing his own opinions on all things DEN. The unexpected activation came with a few jump scares, lots of laughs, a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of press. 

Lost Forest

Aspen Snowmass: Lost Forest | Judge’s Choice 

Our work for the Aspen Snowmass Lost Forest has won us two Fifty awards in the last two years. Karsh Hagan lead the charge in brand positioning by crafting messaging that would help separate Aspen from the pack of typical summer mountain experiences. This also included naming the park, designing logos, building a brand voice and branded collateral, and videos showcasing the park’s attractions. 

The Green Solution

The Green Solution: The ( _ ) Solution

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish—relaxation, a good night’s sleep, or polishing off an entire bag of Cheetos—The Green Solution has a product for you. Through simplistic language and design, we were able to create a friendly physical environment for the folks who come through The Green Solution’s doors. The dispensary’s The ( _ ) Solution campaign helps to extend a warm welcome to people of all ages and backgrounds, from avid to novice users. 


Vitalant: Colorado Needs Blood

Coloradans love their state flag. Whether they fly it in their front yard or wear the iconic red “C” on their clothing, the beloved banner is a prominent symbol of the state. But last summer, Colorado businesses flew a very different version of the flag.

In the summer months, Vitalant and blood centers across the country often find themselves in need of more blood, with donations declining as much as 20% over the season. To bring awareness and action to the issue of blood donation, Vitalant—formerly known as Bonfils Blood Center—designed an alternate Colorado flag. This time, with the vibrant red color we know and love draining from the facade. 

CTO Pitch Box

Colorado Tourism Office: Pitch Book

We participate in many RFP’s as an agency, but this one was really special. Instead of a deck, we created an immersive experience. A wood-boxed, leather-bound book that reads more like a traveler’s journal than an RFP—complete with a compass, pins and a topographic map. After almost a decade of partnership, it was important to us to bring our experience with this account to life, while embodying the spirit of Colorado.

Dive bar beer

Dive Bar: All-Stars

Reminiscent of an old-school mentality, Dive Bar beer seeks to disrupt stale and look-a-like craft beer marketing. Inspired by the dusty light fixtures and cracked linoleum floors of America’s dive bars, we intentionally kept our designs and language simple. So now you can enjoy a great craft beer, without the craft beer attitude. 

You might recognize the models used for this campaign. Both Dave Cook and Noah Carlstrom are available by request for your next shoot. 

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