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Karsh Hagan Wins Big at The 50

Caitlin Vassallo

Karsh Hagan Wins Big at The 50

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We arrived at Ad Club’s annual The 50 Awards at Denver’s Mile High Station excited for the night ahead, ready to kick back and relax with Colorado’s best and brightest to reminisce on 2018’s successes. And, with nine wins this year (plus the People's Choice vote), Karsh Hagan had plenty of success to celebrate. We left the ceremony that night with our hands (and hearts) full.

We owe this in part to our employees and their commitment to creativity. Because of our team, we are able to continually elevate what’s possible for our clients and innovate in ways we never thought possible.  But it’s to our clients we owe the biggest thanks, for allowing us to dream big and continually innovate ways to elevate what’s possible in our industry. Without our clients, our award-winning work would have never been conceived.

Winning Campaigns and Activations

Aspen Snowmass: Give A Fl*ke

Aspen Snowmass has always been fiercely committed to sustainability, but that message has always taken a back seat to their world-class ski offering. As climate change becomes a pressing threat to the ski industry itself, those two messages now intersect. So, instead of launching a new ad campaign this season, we opted to launch an advocacy campaign. We wanted to create a movement to help change the (rising) tides in the fight against climate change. This meant making every element of our campaign actionable, including: Pre-paid, pre-written postcards in national publications, a Twitter module, and a website— all of which empowered our audiences to urge their representatives to change voting patterns in favor of keeping winter wintery. By inviting our audiences into the movement and giving them the tools to take action, we made it hard to sit out the fight against climate change.

Give A Fl*ke also won the People's Choice vote. 

Aspen Snowmass: Give a Fl*ke Twitter Module

A key to success in the Give A Fl*ke campaign was the interactive Tweet Tool, which made political activism as easy as hitting “Send.” We crafted an integrated platform for users to share their stance on climate change and reach out directly to their local elected official on Twitter. The tweets were pre-populated with text and corresponding imagery, making it a no-fuss way to make their voices heard. So far, the #GiveAFlake hashtag has attracted millions of impressions on Twitter alone. 

Aspen Snowmass: Lost Forest 

Aspen Snowmass is known for its sensational skiing. And when they launched a ground-breaking summer offering, they wanted to tell the world. We solved that problem by conceptualizing the branding for Lost Forest: A world-class summer experience nestled deep within the natural surroundings of the mountain. Karsh Hagan lead the charge in brand positioning by crafting messaging that would help separate Aspen from the pack of typical summer mountain experiences. This also included naming the park, designing logos, building a brand voice and creating branded collateral. 

DENFiles | Judge's Choice

The Great Hall renovation project would inevitably cause disruption to a passenger’s typical airport experience. Denver International Airport tasked us with turning an inconvenience into an opportunity to spark delight for travelers. What better way to do this than to finally embrace the conspiracy theories that the airport has long been known for. We created a captivating airport experience utilizing the blank canvas of DEN’s large construction walls. We crafted murals featuring gargoyles, strange lizard people, and imagery that begged the question: Is this really construction... Or a coverup? Within hours the campaign went viral, sparking conversations and raising eyebrows of passerby. 

Learn more about the project, see our work and find out if DEN is really making more space, or if they’re making more secrets. 

DEN: A Message from the Queen | Judge's Choice

When Norwegian Air needed ideas on how to promote its $179 non-stop flight from Denver to London, our Denver International Airport directed them to us. We thought to ourselves, what better way to get the word out about this great deal than to invite the “Queen of England” herself to parachute into Denver and spread the news? She brazenly hopped from a plane into a Denver stadium, surprising and delighting the guests. Her daring stunt became an overnight sensation and was covered by a variety of news networks. We’d call that a bloody success.

The Hopper: Branding

Since its inception, The Hopper has set out to be Boulder’s first innovative play space— a new eatery with a side of science. We saw it as an opportunity to reimagine family time, where kids can feed their minds and parents won’t lose theirs. We branded the Hopper into one cohesive and ever-changing family-friendly space, positioning the facility as a place for kids to find STEM learning opportunities while parents kick back with a beer. 

Keep your eyes peeled for The Hopper in 2020, and in the meantime be sure to check out their website for upcoming appearances, partnerships, and events. 

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado: Retreat Branding

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado is an organization whose purpose is to motivate and enable people to become active stewards of Colorado’s natural resources. For their annual summit, we crafted their annual theme, and aptly titled it “Naturally United— Colorado: Where the Elements Come Together”. The collateral we created for the event featured interconnecting design elements and continuous paths and lines, to remind the viewer of their place in nature, in Colorado, and to compel them to act with compassion towards their state.

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