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Behind the Scenes: Message from the Queen

Rachel Block

Behind the Scenes: Message from the Queen

When Norwegian Air needed ideas on how to promote their $179 non-stop flight from Denver to London, our client Denver International Airport directed them to us. After doing several successful initiatives for our DEN clients, including Goat Yoga at the airport, DEN felt Norwegian was in good hands.

The brief soon came, asking how we could get Denverites excited about Norwegian’s Denver to London flight.

After thinking up a ton of concepts, (one including dressing up a guy named Ben as Big Ben) and drinking countless cups of tea, we landed on one simple idea: Have the Queen of England parachute into Denver to promote Norwegian’s Denver to London direct flight. Okay… so it wasn’t THAT simple. But we decided to embrace the challenge and elevate what’s possible with our candidly titled stunt activation “Message from the Queen.”

As one could imagine, the queen was a little busy. So, we began our search for the best Queen lookalikes, both inside and outside of the U.S. The queen search brought us across the pond to London, where we found our perfect lookalike. We had the “queen” announce to Denverites that she would be coming to Colorado to help spread the word about Norwegian’s new route. We played her message on the jumbotron at the stadium right before the big jump. 

As the video ended, fans were surprised by our queen as she parachuted brazenly into the stadium. Videos were taken and laughs were had as she made her crash landing. But the surprises weren’t over yet.

Our Queen lookalike returned to the field to throw the first pitch (underhand, of course). Queue more laughs and more videos. After the first throw was complete, the queen retreated to the interior of the stadium to greet Denverites and pose for photo ops with her fans. 

Throughout the game, LED signage lit up the stadium urging attendees to text Norwegian for a chance to win a pair of free roundtrip flight tickets. And in the 7th inning, the queen was back to encourage attendees to enter the sweepstakes, claiming that if she could parachute into the stadium, they could take out their mobile phones to text to win round-trip tickets. 

By the end of the game, our stunt had been covered by a variety of news networks, and our winners were texted to claim their free flight from Norwegian Air. It’s safe to say that “Message from the Queen” was a bloody success and a whole lot of fun. We think our “Queen” would agree.

Some of the networks that picked up our work included AT&T Sportsnet and FOX31 Denver.

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