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Giving Our State A New Voice

By Karsh Hagan | 

Giving Our State A New Voice

Colorado is a unique state—one with majestic landscapes, breathtaking views and a spirit unlike any other. So when we began thinking of how to evolve the current, highly successful “Come to Life” campaign for the Colorado Tourism Office, we wanted to capture and share that unparalleled spirit in an inspiring way. The result? A campaign that speaks to you—literally.

Called the “Voice of Colorado,” this campaign excites you, challenges you, encourages curiosity and invites you to explore. We took the first person approach to give the state a distinct personality—one that touches on all different emotions to build tension and express the depth of feelings one can have while on vacation here. We also used drones to capture aerial footage to showcase the state’s grandeur and diverse topography. 

Using Colorado enthusiasts, athletes, influencers and brands, we told stories that touched on a range of activities and places. From three-time Everest mountaineer Chad Jukes to renowned painter Stella Maria Baer, we tapped into what makes this state amazing—and the many different experiences that help you truly come to life. 

The campaign is rooted in the alive positioning—that a trip to Colorado will ignite your senses and make you feel truly alive. We explored all dimensions of aliveness, which allowed us to delve into the state in its entirety—from north to south, east to west, adventurous to relaxing and fun to sophisticated. All the while, we kept it strictly Colorado. Everything from the shoes to the bikes to the music—everything is Colorado born and bred. 

Colorado has a deep story to tell. And with this campaign, we’re able to tell every chapter—from the relaxing to the exciting and everything
in between. 

We truly brought Colorado to life. And now we hope it brings you to life, too.

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