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The Holy Grail of Advertising

Pasquale "pocky" Marranzino, co-ceo | 

The Holy Grail of Advertising

The Holy Grail of Advertising is upon us once again for Super Bowl LII.  I am not going to review the specific advertisers/spots.  You can view the USA TODAY Ad Meter results on Monday.  But, some history.

The famous 1984 Macintosh spot was the beginning of an event inside an event that has become a showcase for our business (good or bad).  As the story goes (true given to me by Lee Clow at a conference)  in 1984, Apple had a total budget of $500,000 (for media) and they (TBWA Chiat Day) decided to roll the dice and buy one national Super Bowl spot to introduce the Macintosh.  It was a :30 spot for $500,000 (now a :30 national spot is $5 Million!).  A few days before the Super Bowl the Apple Board decided that this was not a good idea and instructions were given to cancel the spot.  As good fortune would have it, they could not cancel the spot and it ran.  The rest is history. 

Today the Super Bowl extravaganza has morphed into a several month promotion with advertising using Social Media and the Internet to lengthen the promotional experience.  Over 110,000,000 eye balls will be viewing the Super Bowl in the US during the game. I cannot give you a multiplier effect as to how many more eye balls this extravaganza will elicit but, let’s just say it will be a lot. The Super Bowl spots are one of the last bastions of reaching a huge mass audience at once.  

Some people have asked me what some of my favorite spots have been.  Here you go.  Pound for pound, the Budweiser spots over the years deserve a mention.  Remember the frogs…"Bud…Weise…er".  And remember “What’s up?".  One of my favorites was “Dude”, a one word spot of Bud drinkers giving their rendition of “DUDE".  A classic. You can Google these spots for a first hand view. My all time favorite aired in February 2002 in the Super Bowl  after 9/11.  The famous Clydesdales were viewing what was once the World Trade Towers from across the river.  In the silence, they bowed, paying homage to the people involved in the disaster.  After seeing that spot, I actually cried.  And, I did, in favor of Budweiser, purchase their products for a long while just because of that!

We have some internal challenges as a nation now.  But, let us not forget what a truly great nation we have and that we can create unique art and culture for the world to watch, like the Super Bowl.  Long live the Super Bowl and GO BRONCOS! Next year.

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