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What is a Universal User Interface Kit?

Jeff Keil

What is a Universal User Interface Kit?

If a stop sign were round and green, would you stop?

Imagine if every intersection you hit on the way to work this morning had its own unique way of communicating basic driver commands. Red lights might mean "stop" on one block, and "go" on the next. It would lead to complete chaos on the streets, with no one having any idea what they're supposed to do, or when.  

At a certain point, function trumps pure aesthetic design, simply because it's vital that people are able to get where they need to go. Your digital channels for communicating with employees and customers are no different. Consistent patterns reduce cognitive load on users, allowing them to easily find what they are looking for. That's the way the human brain works, which is why it's important to designate user experience patterns that are consistent and easy to use. 

By keeping things intuitive (yet still beautiful and aligned with your brand), you mitigate user confusion. If your audience is confused, they will go somewhere else. It’s as simple as that.

Universal UI for an optimized digital experience

Universal User Interface kits provide ideal solutions to common digital challenges, including the design of navigational elements, call-to-action buttons, digital icons, notification boxes and more across all marketing channels. And good UI kits are amazingly detail-oriented, so you end up with a much better result than if you were to create all of these UI elements from scratch. 

When you consider that your audience could be accessing your digital channels through anything from a large monitor, to laptops, tablets and mobile, having access to a library of proven UI elements that are adaptive to any device and marketing channel is essential. It not only streamlines digital experiences for your customers, it also saves a lot of time for the people in your organization responsible for building digital assets.

Give your in-house team the digital tools to succeed

Patterns are important from an internal creation standpoint as well. Not having to redesign the wheel every single time you want to edit or add a new functionality saves time, which saves money and effort. Universal UI kits also facilitate better communication among the people creating and building digital assets—from marketing teams and designers, to developers and upper management. Ultimately, it helps things come to life in a more efficient, consistent and effective way.

When it comes to Universal UI, we speak from experience

Karsh Hagan recently leveraged one of our custom-designed Universal UI kits for one of our newest clients, RatePlug. They are a successful fin-tech company that puts accurate numbers in front of real estate buyers while connecting those numbers to real loan products and rates. RatePlug came to us looking for a brand refresh, including overall brand identity and a newly designed website.

Working with tech and management team from RatePlug, we assessed how this new look would be applied across all channels and explored all the best, most efficient ways it could be implemented. After detailed front-end experience planning, we uncovered actionable insights that we implemented through an agile UX/UI design process. We styled their Universal UI kit in a way that supports an established tech-forward edge, while maintaining a focus on simplicity and usability. 

Karsh Hagan is proud to have partnered with RatePlug on this innovative project. If you have any questions about Univeral UI kits or would like to explore how a Universal UI kit can help you save time and money while improving user experience across all channels, give us a call. 

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