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Keys to Mobile-First Marketing

By Karsh Hagan | 

Keys to Mobile-First Marketing

On average, U.S. residents spend 194 minutes on their mobile device daily, and this statistic continues to increase year over year. With mobile ad spending also on the rise, we as marketers need to find strategic ways to utilize the power of the ‘small screen’. Here are five tips for success:


  1. It’s ALL about Apps. 88% of time spent on a mobile device is within app. Of that time spent within app, almost 70% is within the top 3 apps (Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps). On average, users are downloading 3 new apps per month and therefore brands and services are rushing to create apps. But we forget that just because you build it, it doesn’t mean they will use it. Before you rush to the sandbox, make sure you have an app that will truly benefit the user, not just your company.
  2. Mobile consumption isn’t just for Millennials. All generations are going mobile.  When developing your mobile strategy, do not think of it for Millennials only. Baby Boomers are on mobile devices now more than ever because 1) prices have dropped 2) they’re easy to use and 3) younger generations are helping them to become more adept.
  3. Mobile users have a need for speed. 85% say they expect their mobile pages to load as fast as desktop. Make sure you have the right team and analytic tools in place to actively monitor your mobile speeds accordingly.
  4. Ensuring your organic SEO and paid SEM strategies are in place is crucial when you are targeting leads throughout the conversion funnel. Major shifts in device use have led to 60% of all searches being conducted on mobile, which is why Google prioritizes its search engine to be ‘mobile-first’. When our audience is in that intender mode, we must serve them a positive ad experience.
  5. 78% of users stated that they will only engage with advertisements that have a personalized offer. And 72% say they are more likely to buy when a past purchase is referenced. Keeping your messaging and targeting as personalized as possible is crucial in the mobile world. Don’t skip any steps with your data partners and your sales will positively reflect the strong strategy.


In summary, we need to keep mobile marketing top of mind because repurposing desktop ads isn’t going to cut it anymore. Creative and messaging need to be developed specifically for the device they are being targeted on. Marketers need to leverage data to make ad experiences positive for the audience.


Christina Sokol - Digital Media Strategist


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