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KH Responds to Google Crisis

Parker Weber

KH Responds to Google Crisis

A note to our Clients and Partners

You may have noticed a lot of news coverage recently regarding brand safety and Google's YouTube/TrueView and Google Display Network products.  Leadership at Havas U.K., Interpublic Group, and today AT&T and Verizon have made public demands and threats to pull advertising spend from Google "after ads for its clients appeared next to 'questionable or unsafe content' online."

We wanted to proactively address any questions or concerns you may have around this news as it relates to your business.

First, we want to reassure all of our clients that as stewards of your media dollars, Karsh Hagan takes brand safety, viewability and protection against ad fraud very seriously. Which is why, for over three years, we have been working with an MRC-accredited ad verification partner, Integral Ad Science, to protect your digital investments across display and digital video. That said, Google does not accept IAS or any other third party ad verification, which is why some of the industry heavy-hitters such as global holding company, IPG, are forcing their hand.

In response, Google has posted a response. In summary, Google has committed to adding safer/more conservative default settings for brands, simplified management for site exclusions (blacklists) and more fine tuned controls for risk/content management. There is no timeline for rollout yet.

Please rest assured that our team here is closely monitoring the situation on your behalf. At this time, we are not making any sweeping recommendations that our clients pull their ad spend from Google. However, we will address specific concerns and make adjustments as necessary on a case-by-case basis. As your partner, we are here to protect your brand and your investments and always happy to answer any questions.

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