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4 Ways to Leverage Earned Media

By Karsh Hagan | 

4 Ways to Leverage Earned Media

Now what?

So you secured earned media placements in top-tier publications, now what? It doesn’t end there. You can repurpose your hard-earned media on owned platforms and even on paid platforms.

4 ways to leverage your recent earned media placement.

  • E-newsletters. Share a snippet of it in your internal and external e-newsletters and link it back to your website press section
  • Sales team. Send the coverage to the sales team and provide them with 3 bullet points explaining why the coverage is important and how they can use it to nurture relationships and gain new ones
  • Social media. Share on relevant social platforms and create unique content per platform, depending on the audience
  • Deliver PR in a native content environment. Get the message out in an engaging and immersive way. Native ads sit in-feed with publishers’ content, so it doesn’t interrupt the end users online experience


-Jen Illescas, Senior PR & Content Manager

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