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Colorado Takes Over Chicago's Union Station

By Karsh Hagan | 

Colorado Takes Over Chicago's Union Station

Where they could be instead

Hundreds of thousands of people pass through Chicago’s Union Station on their way to work. We wanted to shake up their routine and invite them to think about where they could be instead.

167 Come To Life ads

Colorado took over Union Station with 167 ads featuring our new Come To Life campaign. We offered commuters a break from the expected across backlit displays, floor graphics, clock displays, stair and escalator wraps. To support the buy, we simultaneously executed a local mobile banner campaign, hyper-targeted to reach people in and around Union Station. The Colorado Tourism Office partnered with individual destinations to create a cohesive effort that covered the entire state.

Used Colorado talent

The campaign imagery was captured across the state using Colorado talent. We wanted to photograph people experiencing uniquely Colorado moments that would leave them forever changed. Most photos showed a dramatic sense of scale, with talent set small against large backdrops.

Think differently about life

The headlines invited people to think differently about their life and what they could get out of a vacation. The goal was to be inspirational and life-affirming—a friendly wake up call.

The result is an immersive experience that will inspire countless vacations to Colorado this summer. See the Denver Business Journal Coverage.

- Dave Fymbo, Senior Copywriter

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