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Joe Saperstein is secretly Larry David

By Karsh Hagan | 

Joe Saperstein is secretly Larry David

A creative technologist

Joe is an introspective coder who seeks variety in his day. He codes, designs, and chooses which technologies to use; at Karsh Hagan, he has input on the whole project. When asked what excites him, he answered that executing something as well as it can be done does the trick. He is pleased when he can say, “I couldn’t have done that any better.”

Lives on his mountain bike

Saperstein has been living in Colorado since 2002. On the weekend, you can find him on his mountain bike, riding with a group of friends. His proudest achievement was the first time he hit a new, large jump on his mountain bike, and overcame the intimidation it first posed to him.

He is secretly Larry David

Joe views himself as a combination of Larry David, a Smiths song, this guy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, and cookies and cream flavored ice cream. He likes to work rap quotes into his daily conversations. If he won the lottery, he would buy a lot of land and not let anyone cut down the trees there. He is humble, but his work and his sense of humor speak to what a talented and funny guy he truly is.

-Kt McVeigh, Copywriting Intern

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