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Karsh Hagan launches CU fundraising website

Mark Stiltner

Karsh Hagan launches CU fundraising website

Donors can change the world

The University of Colorado Anschutz is one of the nation’s newest and most advanced medical campuses. Much of the infrastructure and research is made possible through private philanthropic support. From researching cures for cancer to improving the lives of children with chronic illnesses, CU Anschutz offers donors tangible and powerful ways to help change the world.

Telling the CU story

Telling this story is critical to CU Anschutz’s success, but until recently, the Office of Advancement had no website to support their fundraising efforts. Karsh Hagan presented the possibility that a donor website could be more than a place to make contributions.

Meeting donors needs

Starting with the insight that CU Anschutz donors are often individuals who have been personally affected by a specific disease, we developed the site around two user groups—potential donors and fundraising staff. Our UX and UI design were created to help potential donors identify the medical research and treatment opportunities most important to them while making it easy for fundraising staff to identify and share relevant stories. Now donors have a nexus point at which to begin supporting life-changing research in diverse areas related to innovation, personal medicine, regenerative medicine, wellness, and teaching and learning.

Something for everyone

To make the experience of giving personal, Karsh Hagan combined video and personal stories into an immersive rich-media experience. From new breakthroughs to human-focused stories, the CU Anschutz Office of Advancement website has something for everyone looking for a meaningful way to change the world. View the website at

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