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9 desk stretches to do at work

By Karsh Hagan | 

9 desk stretches to do at work

7 Part Blog Series 

Many studies have shown that there is a strong connection between the health and well-being of people, their work environments and their productivity. It is important to us to continue to elevate the health of our employees through education.

This Spring, Karsh Hagan presents a blog series focused on increasing health and wellness in the workspace. Our PR intern Stephan Black, a certified personal trainer, will be showcasing easy ways to improve fitness and health at work.

Part 1: Escaping Keyboard Pose

Most of us spend several hours sitting in front of the computer. This impacts posture and mobility, so it’s important to counteract the hours of living in keyboard pose with stretches and postural alignment. It is not difficult to take time from work to stop and stretch with the below exercises.

These yoga poses can be performed at your desk while you work.

mountain pose.

1. Mountain Pose

Feet flat on the floor, stretch long through your spine and keep your shoulders back and down, raise your hands to the sky!

Helps: low/Mid back, neck and shoulders

2. Mountain Pose with Back Bend

Take your mountain pose further by carefully bending backwards, lifting your heart to the sky! Slightly work your hands up and back behind you to feel an opening through your chest.

Helps: back, shoulders and chest

seated twist

3. Seated Twist

Feet flat on the floor, knees together, relieve strain through the back with a seated twist. Without forcing rotation, work to keep a long spine work to rotate the shoulders around to one side. Do both Sides.

Helps: low/mid back

4. Seated Side Bend

Feet flat on the floor, hips level in your chair, take your mountain pose to the side by grabbing at opposite wrists and working to the side. Keep a long spine by not forcing the bend. Do Both Sides!

Helps: lats, oblique and abs

shoulder opener..png

5. Shoulder Opener

Feet flat on the floor, rest your elbows on the edge of your desk. Work to straighten your spine as your head releases between your arms. Your palms should be connected, but may be in the air. Work to touch your thumbs to your neck.

Helps: entire back, back of shoulders and triceps

6. Thread the Needle 

Keep your hips level in your chair, with one arm working across to the side of your desk, lean into your arm. The entire crossed arm should be resting on top of the desk. Do both Sides.

Helps: upper back and back of shoulders

neck stretch

7. Neck Stretch

Relieve some neck strain with a simple neck side-stretch. Sitting tall with a long spine, work your ear towards your shoulder with a little assistance from your hand. Try doing both sides two or three times.

Helps: neck

8. Neck Stretch with Arm Bind

Take your neck stretch to another level with an arm bind behind the back. Carefully pull one wrist across your back and down while maintaining a straight spine. Then work your ear towards the shoulder opposite of the pulled arm side. Do both sides.

Helps: shoulders and Neck

Figure 4

Figure 4

With one foot flat on the floor, cross one ankle over your thigh. Straighten your back and lean forward towards your desk letting your heart lead the way (this will help keep a straight spine).

9. Helps: low back and hips

Figure 4 with Twist

Take your figure four to the next level with a twist. Keeping the same leg position and a long spine, twist away from the top leg, possibly reaching the hand back for a deeper stretch.

Helps: low/mid back and hips

-Stephan Black, PR Intern


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