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How to create a great content mission statement

By Karsh Hagan | 

How to create a great content mission statement

Last year, I attended a conference in Austin, TX hosted by the Content Marketing Institute. If you are not familiar with the organization and are trying to create purpose-driven content, then you should become familiar with their site.

At the conference, I learned new approaches to marketing and how important a content mission statement is for any organization that is creating content. Here are some questions that will help you craft a great content mission statement.

  1. What is our business goal?
  2. Who can satisfy that goal?
  3. What valuable content experience, separate from our product can we deliver at that stage of a customer’s journey?
  4. What unique voice (or value) do we bring to this experience?
  5. The story map (how we get there)

After you do this, ask yourself why the content is valuable to your audience(s), and then ask yourself why again five times to get to the core of the content’s purpose.

Jen Illescas, Senior PR & Content Manager

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