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Building purpose into Arrow’s new website

By Karsh Hagan | 

Building purpose into Arrow’s new website

About Arrow Electronics

You might know that Arrow is the largest company in the state of Colorado, employing more than 16,000 people. And you’ve likely heard something about them being a technology components and parts reseller. But you probably don’t know their real story—how they enable innovation that influences peoples’ lives around the world.

Stories like empowering a quadriplegic racer to drive again by modifying his car to be safely driven by head movements. Providing fully-equipped classrooms and health clinics to people in Africa by transforming old cargo containers into mobile computing units. Optimizing livestock health and maximizing milk production for dairy farmers using sensors that monitor animal health.

Five Years Out Site

Karsh Hagan recently had the amazing opportunity to help Arrow bring some of these great stories to the world through their new site, Our primary objective was to elevate the Arrow narrative to tell the stories that define how they’re helping change the world by guiding innovation forward.

Technical Architecture

To get slightly technical, the site leveraged a Node.js-based CMS called Keystone due to its easily customizable infrastructure. This approach enabled us to efficiently accommodate future enhancements while empowering Arrow with the freedom to implement micro-interactions and animations without restrictions.

Defining Purpose

But perhaps more important is our role in helping Arrow define who they are not through what they do but why they do it, helping them more clearly articulate their role in transforming people’s lives around the world. So check out the site and look for the new Arrow spot created by local Denver agency Elevation Media.

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