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Media Mavens: Drew Peterson and Christina Sokol

By Karsh Hagan | 

Media Mavens: Drew Peterson and Christina Sokol

It’s no secret that Drew and Christina have a great relationship. Although they were interviewed separately, these Wisconsin-born media folks have mastered the art of twinning.

Assistant Media Planner/Buyer Drew loves Colorado for it’s mild four seasons, craft beer and plethora of outdoor activities.

Drew on Drew

  1. On his favorite thing about working at Karsh Hagan: “We have a close-knit team; a very lively and vibrant group of people who make coming to work fun and exciting every day.”
  2. On his role models: “Now that I’m older and not as dependent on my parents it allows me to comprehend how they’ve been great role models in my life. They provided me with the foundation to treat people with respect, taught me basic manners, and showed me how to be a hardworking, motivated individual.”
  3. On winning the lottery: “When I was 18 I won $7,700 on a dollar scratch ticket. I spent my winnings on gifts for friends and family (clothes, Iphones, flights), some new clothes and an Iphone for myself. If I were to win a substantial amount of money now, I would invest a lot of it, buy a nice house and get myself a dog.”
  4. On his hilarious co-workers: “Toddy tried to light a bunch of candles in the office. She kept saying the candle wasn’t good and the lighter didn’t work. It turned out that she was trying to light flameless candles and none of us could stop laughing.”
  5. On his greatest achievement so far: “Staying happy. Being young adults that can provide for themselves and stay happy while doing so is an ongoing achievement. Keeping happiness sustainable takes effort and it’s something you have to be conscious of. It’s subject to the person but if you are content with yourself that is all that matters. Be happy with what you do.”

Digital Media Strategist, Christina, also loves that Colorado has a variety of activities to offer. In the short five months that Christina has lived here, she’s embraced the idea of a two hour drive to simply ‘walk around’ because Colorado is just that beautiful.

Christina on Christina

  1. On her favorite thing about working at KH: “Everywhere you work there is always going to be someone you don’t see eye to eye with. Here we don’t have that issue. We all have a common goal that we work towards together. Everyone is willing to help each other. I could go to Tracy (one of our soon to be Presidents) for help with administrative work if I needed it. I wouldn’t do that, but I have the option.”
  2. On the funniest thing she’s seen so far: “We made a music video for Justin Bieber’s new song, ‘Sorry’. That doesn’t happen everywhere. It literally started at lunch for someone’s birthday and when we got back to the office we had meeting invites and a cast and crew list ready to go. It was 4 o’clock on a Friday; we had all of our work done and were ready to blow off some steam.”
  3. On her odd quirks: “I drink a lot of Mountain Dew. I don’t drink coffee so I need something to keep me alive. I also can’t keep over 10 emails in my inbox. If I don’t complete the tasks, even if it’s the smallest thing, right away it weighs on me all day long and drives me crazy. I get it from my Mom.”
  4. On her favorite memory so far: “I went to a three-day conference in Vail; DigiDays Agency Summit. Two other people from media also attended.We got an assignment to put a new business pitch together with ten other people from agencies around the country. I don’t normally work on new business so it was a great learning experience that I wouldn’t have had the chance to participate in at my other agency.”
  5. On striking it rich: “If I were to win the lottery, I’d pay off student loans. I’d divide it up amongst my family and give them all a piece of the pie. I would buy myself a house and then invest the rest…and definitely buy Packers’ season tickets. I’m 103,068th on the list so you know that’s never going to happen on it’s own.”


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