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Words of Wisdom for the New Year

By Karsh Hagan | 

Words of Wisdom for the New Year

Three months goes by fast! Interning at Karsh Hagan has been full of excitement, hard work and new experiences. We are grateful for all of the people who have taken the time to share not only business advice, but life advice as well. We asked senior management for words of wisdom, tips for success and advice for anyone who is interested in the industry. They were gracious enough to share these thoughtful tidbits:

  1. “Tell the truth.The truth cuts through anything else.” -Pocky Marranzino (Co-President)
  2. “Do what you say you’re going to do.”-Kathy Hagan Brown (Co-President)
  3. “If you want to do interesting work you have to be an interesting person.”-Jeff Martin (VP, Executive Creative Director)
  4. “Do things that will make your boss or client look good to THEIR boss.” -Tracy Broderick (VP of Media)
  5. “Be likeable.”-Meg Milligan (VP, Group Account Director)
  6. “All there is to it, is to do it.”-Mary Dean (VP, Strategy & Insights)
  7. “Know others, that know, what you know you don’t know.”-David Stewart (VP, Creative Technology Director)
  8. “Advertising is a team sport. You have to be a good team player to work in this business and every position is crucial to win.”-Becky Ferguson (VP, Director of Broadcast/Video Production)
  9. “Know your audience.”-Carol Quinn (Account Director)
  10. “Raise your hand to work on ANY kind of account. There are no boring accounts, only boring people.”-Lauren Curler (Account Director)
  11. “Thought directs energy.”-Bonnie Carheden (Director of Integrated Production)

We will take these words with us wherever we go next. Thank you again to the Karsh Hagan team for helping us grow into advertisers of the future!

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