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Account All-Stars: Liz Walsh and Charlie Gladitsch

By Karsh Hagan | 

Account All-Stars: Liz Walsh and Charlie Gladitsch

Karsh Hagan’s recent additions to the account team, Liz Walsh and Charlie Gladitsch, are very entertaining characters. As soon as I walked into the room to interview them, it was clear that these two genuinely enjoyed working together. Their playful banter and hilarious comments made for a fun hour together.

After growing up in Cincinnati, Account Manager, Liz craved a change of scenery. She landed a job at Karsh Hagan and moved her life to Denver, a place where she knew a total of three people.

Liz on Liz:

  1. On her quirks: “I really love Kraft American Singles, which is where it all starts. I eat them plain, folding a slice in half a bunch of times until it creates a stack of tiny cheese squares. then I eat them tiny slice by tiny slice.”
  2. On who she’d want to have dinner with: “Tina Fey. She’s sarcastic, she loves to eat, she loves sandwiches, I love sandwiches, she’s so smart, so funny and pretty and she’s friends with Alec Baldwin.”
  3. On her favorite local spot: “Because I’m new to Denver I’m not a repeat customer; I like to try new places. Well, I take that back. I do love Park Burger. They have the perfect bun to burger ratio.”
  4. On her favorite thing about KH: “Grooming Charlie to be the best employee in the agency…just kidding. I love working with so many smart people. It’s great to see everyone come together to create strong brand messages as well as great creative work!”
  5. On her biggest accomplishment so far: “I realized I couldn’t continue to grow my  career where I was so I decided to make a change. I moved away from my family, my friends, my hometown and started fresh. It was scary but it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Hailing from Vail, Account Coordinator, Charlie joined KH after proving his mettle as an Adsmith Intern in the spring of 2015.

Charlie on Charlie:

  1. On his favorite local spot: Dumpster diving. It’s like hipster urban foraging. If it has to be a place, it’s Los Carboncitos; $1.50 tacos!
  2. On if he were a flavor of ice cream: Vanilla. I wouldn’t want to be chocolate because I don’t want to be tempted to eat myself.
  3. On his favorite moment at KH: When we won Quiznos. It was incredible to see all of the departments come together strategically to concept and produce content for TV, digital, radio, out of home and PR in a mere two months.
  4. On the most difficult thing he’s done so far: “I stepped out of my comfort zone and lived in Rwanda for a year. I had to be very dependent on everyone else and that was a humbling and eye-opening experience.”
  5. On his historical twin: William Clark was all about exploring without destroying the land and learning from the Native Americans. He was the first known person to include African Americans and women in  a vote on American soil. I learned that in a podcast I heard recently.”

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