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A Big Thank You to Our Nation’s Heroes!

By Karsh Hagan | 

A Big Thank You to Our Nation’s Heroes!

A hero is defined as “a man (or woman!) of distinguished courage and ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.”

This Veterans Day, we celebrate the millions of people who have made it their mission to protect the freedom of the American people, but sometimes, our heroes need saving too.

That was the case for Jason, a retired Airman looking for a companion to save him from the loneliness and stress of re-assimilation to civilian life. Jason heard about the benefits of adopting a companion pet from a fellow veteran and sought out Pets for Patriots, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating life-altering friendships between active and retired military veterans and last-chance shelter pets across the country.

After connecting with Pets for Patriots and one of their hundreds of shelter partners, Jason set out to find his new best friend.

Tyrion, a large, male Pit Bull and Jason hit it off. “Tyrion has given me a companion in a pretty lonely world,” Jason said. “He can tell when I am depressed and dealing with high anxiety times. He is also very protective and just an all around AWESOME Pit Bull.”

Jason is also thankful to his fellow veteran for recommending the Pets for Patriots service. “The program is amazing and helps with expenses,” he said. For every pet adoption, Pets for Patriots provides a generous post-adoption stipend towards pet food and other essentials. They also provide ongoing discounted pet care from veterinary partners to ease the financial burden that comes along with pet ownership.

Karsh Hagan has had the pleasure of creating a pro-bono relationship with this amazing organization since it’s inception in 2009. Each year, the intern team creates meaningful work that creates brand awareness and educates future veteran members, shelter/veterinary partners and donors alike.

To celebrate this wonderful organization and all the veterans who have served our country, KH threw a breakfast for the agency where employees told stories of the veterans in their lives and our interns had the chance to share past work and their current involvement with the brand.

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