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Karsh Hagan Ghouls just Wanna have Fun

By Karsh Hagan | 

Karsh Hagan Ghouls just Wanna have Fun

Halloween is for carving pumpkins, eating massive quantities of candy, and seeking thrills. But there is a lot about this holiday that you probably don’t know. Here are some Halloween facts that you can use as ice-breakers for the next costume party you attend:

  • Colorado’s most popular costume for 2015 is a witch
  • The week of Halloween, 90 million pounds of chocolate are sold every year
  • 300 million dollars were spent last year on pet costumes
  • Consumers plan on spending 6.9 billion on Halloween this year
  • 81% of millennials plan on celebrating Halloween this year
  • 94% of people will buy candy this year
  • 100% of Karsh Hagan’s employee’s creatively dressed-up this year

If only statistics could show how much fun the KH crew had celebrating Halloween on October 29th at our very own Zombie A-Pocky-lypse

  • Obscure characters from Harry Potter‬
  • Individual winner Sonny & Cher
  • Group winner Home Alone Karsh Against Humanity

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