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Karsh Hagan’s “Philspiration”

By Karsh Hagan | 

Karsh Hagan’s “Philspiration”

Colorado is known for its winter sports, picturesque scenery, award-winning cuisine and countless outdoor activities. Although all of these aspects have contributed to the recognition of our beautiful state, the man who helped creatively engineer Colorado as a travel, convention, and residential destination for more than 40 years is none other than our co-founder Phil Karsh. Phil is an honorary native as he was born in Salt Lake City and later moved to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado Boulder. He has lived here ever since.

Phil is known for being the kindest man in advertising because of his selflessness and sincere demeanor. How nice is he? Well, we asked some of his friends and family and this is how nice he is:

  • “When our daughter was suffering from asthma, Phil brought her to Denver and had her treated at National Jewish Hospital and made her feel like a part of his family.” –Sid Karsh
  • “My mother had never been out of the country, so Phil insisted she join us on several trips to Europe. It was such a kind and generous thing to do.” –Linda Love
  • “Phil Karsh actually did my laundry for me when we were on vacation in New Zealand. Now that’s, nice.” –Pat Hagan

Throughout his career, Phil believed in merging his passion for advertising by doing good for his community. One of the many ways he achieved this was when he and Tom Hagan, business partner, founded the Karsh Hagan Scholarship. This scholarship is for first generation students at his alma mater, CU Boulder. This scholarship not only eases the financial burden that comes with higher education, but also includes an internship at the Karsh Hagan office providing real life experience and a path to success.

After his career, he continued to serve his community by being a member of several boards:

  • Chair at National Jewish for 52 years
  • Chairman on the Dean’s Advisory Council for 18 years
  • VISIT DENVER for 17 years
  • VISIT DENVER Foundation for 16 years
  • History Colorado for 16 years

Phil has received recognition for his devotion in the form of kind words and awards.

To Phil, it’s not about the awards; it’s about doing good work and staying ahead of the curve. After all, his mantra while on the Advisory Board at CU Boulder was “How will people be getting their news 10, 20, 30 years from now?”

Today, Phil’s outlook still impacts Karsh Hagan. We continue to celebrate hard work, achievement, and dedication.  In fact, we celebrated Phil’s 80th a few weeks ago. Friends, family and agency leadership were present to toast Phil and help him with his birthday wishes. A special video was presented sharing Phil’s nice, nice, nice character traits. He is clearly the kindest ad man, and perhaps the nicest man of all time.

Phil Karsh and his wife, Linda Love Tom Hagan Kathy Hagan Brown and her daughter, Emily Rundles Phil Karsh's family The KH management crew

Special thanks to all who have sent their birthday wishes and helped us celebrate our namesake “Karsh” birthday. We wish him many nice, nice, nice years ahead.

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