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KH Recognized by Art Directors Club

By Karsh Hagan | 

KH Recognized by Art Directors Club

Work to be showcased at the 2015 ADCD Annual Show this Thursday

After a long and intense process that sent the international judges into overtime, Karsh Hagan (KH) has been nominated for eight awards at the annual design competition hosted by the Art Directors Club of Denver (ADCD). KH has been recognized in six different categories for their creative work on Innovage, TD Ameritrade, Wonderful Colorado (self-promotion), VISIT DENVER, Platform T and Palace Pale Ale (The Brown Palace).

“Creating ideas that make a positive impact for our client’s business is at the center of what we do. Getting recognition among our peers for how we do it is always a bonus,” said Jeff Martin, Executive Creative Director at Karsh Hagan. “Nearly everyone likes to win awards. It makes you feel good, says something about your ambitions and helps with recruiting new talent. All of which is a good thing.”

KH is being honored for a variety of innovative work in print advertising & design, mixed-media campaigns, design in 3-dimensional packaging and product and logo development. Their work will be showcased at the Space Gallery in Denver this Thursday, Oct. 15.

At the annual show, KH won two awards, one for their Platform T logo design and one for their Innovage broadcast advertising!*

The Art Directors Club of Denver, is a local non-profit, multi-disciplinary creative organization focused on strengthening the creative community through education, workshops, informative events and an annual design competition.

*10.16.15 update

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