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Department Dialogues: Creative

By Karsh Hagan | 

Department Dialogues: Creative



Jason Kusmanoff, Associate Creative Director

Jason Kusmanoff has almost all he needs to be a badass rockstar. He’s got a Rock ‘n’ Roll power stance and a “work hard, play hard” attitude that ensures a life lived on the cutting edge. If you want to see Jason’s soft side, just ask him about his two children. He considers them his greatest achievement, and it’s obvious that they are his pride and joy. Jason’s dream escape would be to a sunny beach in Hawaii, where he would practice yoga and mountain bike, and attempt to do both at the same time. Jason’s spirit animal is Robert Plant, who he hopes one day will grant him the gift of a voice as soft as Colorado snow.

Lindsey Mills, Graphic Designer

Lindsey Mills didn’t just dip her toes into Karsh Hagan, she jumped right in. From day one of her internship, she hit the pavement running as Camille King threw her into a project for CU Denver and she found herself taking a lot of pictures around town. Her rhythm remains electric, reinforced from 18 years dancing ballet, modern, and jazz. Lindsey likes to think that “this world is but a canvas to our imaginations.” For her, this is taken both figuratively through her creative viewpoint as well as the literal canvases of her designs and work. Lindsey’s art lives in both her designs as well as Earls on 16th Street where she masters mixology on the weekends.

Mark Stiltner, Senior Copywriter

Do you think semicolons are untrustworthy? Do you ever wonder whats up with Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia? Are you infatuated with interest-free financing or the witchcraft of dropping a piece of paper, only to have it land perfectly on the edge? Have we got the guy for you. Mark Stiltner strongly believes that in advertising, if you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong. Mark has a thing for traveling. On his dream travel itinerary, China and Guam would be up next in the docket. His favorite thing about Colorado is that there is no shortage of ways to hurt yourself. From skiing, hiking, biking, and mountain climbing, Colorado tops it all in the extreme ways to bust up your bum.

Ellie Gebhardt, Copywriter Intern

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