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Department Dialogues: Media PR

By Karsh Hagan | 

Department Dialogues: Media PR

Jen Illescas, Kerry Cooper, and Rebeka Darbonne brought out the focused attention and down-to-earth energy that the Karsh Hagan Media Department is known for. The casual setting and relaxed mood provided the perfect backdrop for getting to know the three of them on a deeper level.

Jen Illescas, PR & Content Senior Manager

Jen is a New York City native always on the go. She’s the life of the party and you can find her riding around Denver on her scooter or running through Wash Park enjoying her new city. Always surrounding herself with fun people and high energy, she has found just that at Karsh Hagan. A fierce competitor from a young age, Jen even represented the US on a national team in a swimming competition in Australia. Her disproportionately large feet probably didn’t hurt! Jen’s PR expertise allows her to conquer the up-to-the-minute world of media.

Jen Illescas Jen Illescas

Kerry Cooper, Broadcast Media Manager

Kerry is one to nonchalantly drop a story about her family being ambushed by thieves in Tanzania without even blinking an eye. As you can imagine, she doesn’t spook easily. Kerry still loves to travel though, and hopes to follow her roots back to Prince Edward Island someday. She most recently joined the KH team again after taking an 8 year break to raise her brood. She lives her life by four agreements: 1) Don’t assume. 2) Don’t take things personally. 3) Use your words. 4) Do your best. Great advice from our KH vet.

Kerry Cooper Kerry Cooper

Rebeka Darbonne, Media Coordinator

Beka is known to rock the microphone like Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock when singing their famous song It Takes Two, and when she’s not maneuvering media or contributing to other office antics, Beka enjoys venturing out of the city and taking a breath of the fresh Colorado air. She finally understands what the word “dry” means after moving from Seattle to Denver. Often, Beka finds herself craving her favorite meal of warm, raw sheep intestine spread on a piece of bread. Only joking, but she did eat this delicacy offered to her while studying abroad in South Africa. She is one of the few who is qualified to say she’ll try anything, once.

Beka Darbonne Beka Darbonne Beka Darbonne

Ellie Gebhardt, Copywriter Intern

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