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KH helps InnovAge Tell Stories of Aging

By Karsh Hagan | 

KH helps InnovAge Tell Stories of Aging

It all started with Edna. Edna loves ping-pong and her independence. When a little help was needed, InnovAge provided a caregiver to keep her ping-pong skills sharp while helping her stay in her own home. Edna’s story was the inspiration behind Karsh Hagan’s new campaign for InnovAge, "The Independent You".

InnovAge, along with Karsh Hagan, decided to take on the challenge of balancing the safety and comfort of our aging population in order to keep them in the relationships and communities that they have worked so hard to cultivate. Inspired by true accounts of active seniors, Karsh Hagan formatted their strategy around telling these heartwarming tales and how InnovAge creatively solves any problem.

“Senior citizens want more than just the independence of staying in their own homes. They want to maintain their lifestyles and continue to participate in the activities they love,” said Carol Quinn, Account Supervisor at Karsh Hagan. “That insight led us to this campaign that brought out the unique personalities of actual InnovAge participants. We’re so proud of the work and couldn’t have asked for a better client team to partner with.”

Profile print advertisements showcasing Earl, Edna, Miles, Rosa, Sofia, and Stan each featured tales of a new outlook thanks to a little support from InnovAge.

To capture the passion and pride demonstrated by each featured story, Karsh Hagan hired the remarkable photography talents of Randal Ford. The results were illuminative images that provide a backdrop of history and familiarity. Thanks to the creativity and insight provided by Karsh Hagan, InnovAge can better offer support to the millions of families who have or will soon have loved ones in need of dignified care.

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