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Where in the World are the Adsmiths?

By Karsh Hagan | 

Where in the World are the Adsmiths?


You may find yourself wondering this very question as you search for Karsh/Hagan’s newest intern additions. Catch them if you can, the interns bring handcrafted skills dedicated to each department, along with their own unique and dubious talents. Be on the lookout for Alex, Alexandra, Allison, Ellie, and Tyler as they learn how to have fun while doing good work and gaining invaluable experience. Last seen assisting the notorious Carmen Sandiego, the adsmiths have a new home in Denver, adding street cred and mischief to their KH repertoires.


InternIndividuals_BlogPost_BecknellThe key to the perfect crime is in its design, and nobody knows this better than Alex. Her dubious designs are inspired by graphic novels, the swanky sounds of Lana Del Rey, and the mere site of sushi. Aside from pulling her own heists, Alex has been known to train her own minions under the cover of a youth volleyball coach. This creative character has since gone rogue, last seen joining Carmen to deliver a direct hit to the creative world and all other art directors in the near vicinity.


InternIndividuals_BlogPost_MoyersAlarms are set to high alert when Alexandra is in the area. Her public relations, and consumer insights, caught Carmen’s eye, whom she agreed to help concoct a powerful public presence. It is known that Alexandra has a flattened penny infatuation, as well as fervent gardening addiction, although little else has been confirmed. An inside source let it slip that Alexandra will soon hit the bricks, leaving her last known location clutching a MBA in marketing and several stolen twitter followers. She will soon be at large.


InternIndividuals_BlogPost_RothsteinAllison is never found at the scene of the crime, rather, always at Ms. Sandiego’s right hand. She dominates details and powers through planning to put the organization in organized crime. Underneath her zen yoga instructor exterior, she unleashes a fiery reign of chaos upon all tasks set in her sights. The indestructible Allison strikes repeatedly, with a strategy that’s harder, stronger, and sharper than any other. Already running to the next mission, Allison was last seen snatching top secret briefs to share with her criminal cohorts.


InternIndividuals_BlogPost_GebhardtLike a raccoon in a tuxedo, there is something cunningly classy about the mysterious Ellie. After eluding the German police in a bizarre bathrobe incident abroad, she’s made her way in the world using her wit and her words. She’s a highly caffeinated crook with a weakness for Spanish tapas, IKEA furniture, and adrenaline (word on the street is she does her own stunts.) After serving a four year stint for illegally pilfering fonts off the internet, Ellie has disappeared into the underbelly of the ad world. If you hear an obscure pop culture reference, be warned…she is near!


InternIndividuals_BlogPost_RiggCount yourself one of the few lucky ones if you’ve seen Tyler in one place for long. Frequently spotted lingering around live funk or blues music, he can be enticed by the taste of Mexican food, macaroni and cheese, or the illusive bagel sandwich. His constant pursuit of these delectables led him to the Sandiego crew, and he has been aided by his mastery of all things athletic. Specializing in media planning, he can case a client from top to bottom without breaking a sweat. Last seen stealing billboard space downtown, his whereabouts are currently unknown.

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