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On To Nationals With A District Gold ADDY

By Karsh Hagan | 

On To Nationals With A District Gold ADDY


Convincing kids to make healthy choices isn’t easy. But getting kids to play games is. Which is exactly why we helped CU Health Plan create Brussels + Muscles—a kids’ nutrition and fitness program that uses gaming, tracking and rewards to urge kids and their families to lead healthier lives.

Launching the brand required everything from creating a name and developing an identity system to designing activity kits, developing a microsite and producing communication and marketing tactics. For Brussels + Muscles it was important that, no matter the media, every aspect of the brand felt youthful, energetic and, most importantly, fun.


And now, we’re excited to announce that the Brussels & Muscles integrated campaign has won a GOLD ADDY in the District AAF American Advertising Awards (formerly the ADDYs) competition!

Winners from the Ad Club’s Denver FIFTY in January were eligible for entry into the District competition. Now, the Brussels + Muscles campaign will enter the National AAAwards taking place next month.

We’re proud to be showcasing our talent and all the hard work that went into making this possible on a national level. And we couldn’t have done it without an amazing team and our supportive clients at CU Health Plan!



Copywriting: Laurel Kelleher, Karen Morris

Art Direction: Nick Marranzino, Lindsey Mills, Camille King

Print Production: Shirley Richter

Video Production: Becky Ferguson

Digital Design: Nick Marranzino, Lindsey Mills

UX and Development: Andrew Baker

Account Management: Camille Ziccardi, Tarryn Sanchez, Meg Milligan

Client: CU Health Plan

Illustration: Shaw Nielsen

Animation: Leftchannel

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