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Increase ROI with UX

Nikki Baker & Trevor Glassman, director of experience design | 

Increase ROI with UX


Today, we hosted a session about how UX can help increase ROI. Our clients and colleagues came to listen to Nikki Burmaster, Digital Media Supervisor and Trevor Glassman, Experience Planner, talk about how a user-friendly and compelling experience can increase your ROI. Here are some key insights from the morning presentation.

What is UX?

UX is a process, by which we develop digital-enabled solutions that are useful, usable, and compelling.

What can UX do?

  • Save time and money
  • Increases revenue
  • Improves customer retention and loyalty
  • Produces a competitive advantage

Key Insights

  • Everyone’s online, even when they’re watching TV. They’re experiencing you across different screens
  • You can control your brands experience
  • Define your targets and create user scenarios
  • Observe users using your digital solutions
  • Think about your users needs and create work flows
  • Create & prototype the main navigation
  • Organize your content in a site map
  • Layout your interface & establish information architecture
  • Create a content strategy manual
  • Apply visual design
  • Make it mobile ready
  • Test & Optimize
  • Focus on outcomes not features

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