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Personalization for Cyber-Savvy Customers

By Karsh Hagan | 

Personalization for Cyber-Savvy Customers


Customers increasingly expect more out of their online experiences. When we think about what creates customer loyalty offline, we think of businesses that form relationships with their customers—remembering their preferences and making product recommendations based on what they know. Successful businesses deliver some degree of personalization.

In general the more relevant something is to you the more likely you are to interact with it. This results in longer engagement, higher conversion rate, brand loyalty, and ultimately more sales. A recent study of online users showed that a whopping 78% of consumers preferred personalized content and advertising because it saves time and lets them focus on what interests them most. With the rise of social media, brands must realize that their customers are on social media channels to interact with other people, not with brands and their corporate-sounding lingo. With real-time personalization, online businesses can ensure they are creating an even more timely and custom online experience.

Personalized campaigns are quickly becoming the norm. We’re not far up the adoption curve yet, but already, business leaders are predicting huge impacts:

“The ability to find people, to talk specifically to them, to judge them, to rank what they’re doing, to decide what to do with your products… (it) changes every business globally, “ says Eric Schmidt, Chairman at Google.

Find the audience wherever they are and deliver a personalized message. It changes audience behavior and will change the businesses that do it.

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