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Paid Social is Paramount in 2015

Nikki Baker

Paid Social is Paramount in 2015

socialWhen looking at trends this year across social outlets offering paid advertising, particularly Facebook, including paid social in your 2015 digital media mix will be more important than ever before. At this point, most companies recognize the value of investment in a strong social media strategy. With the rise of robust paid social options, and the decline of organic reach, the next evolution of digital media and social media strategy will have companies evaluating and utilizing promotional posts and tweets more and more.

Last year and then again earlier this year, Facebook reorganized their Newsfeed algorithms. This resulted in significantly less organic reach for the majority of businesses, and sent social strategists scrambling to update their organic strategies. Around the same time, Facebook added more robust targeting options to their promoted posts, further encouraging companies to delve into the promoted post space.

With a new announcement in November 2014 further restricting businesses’ posts by minimizing the amount of promotional page posts showing in users’ Newsfeeds, paid social is becoming even more essential.

Although Facebook is forcing many businesses into the paid space, there are many great opportunities for advertisers if they target their media placements well and have captivating creative. Karsh Hagan has accrued immense success across a variety of client industries for both In-Newsfeed and Right Hand Rail Ad formats, particularly as an element to a larger digital media campaign. Both can drive meaningful results, for very efficient costs, and should be evaluated for your digital marketing strategies in 2015.

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