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90 Days with Trevor Glassman

By Karsh Hagan | 

90 Days with Trevor Glassman


Karsh Hagan is excited to introduce Trevor Glassman as the new Experience Planner in the Interactive Department!  Trevor is already doing great work on projects for some great clients: CU Denver, Arrow, Be Colorado, TD Ameritrade, 4 Point Energy and Pinnacle Bank, to name a few.  He graduated from the University of Colorado with a BFA in Film Studies and a minor in Business. Trevor also attended Boulder Digital Works where he was in the accelerated Digital Development program.

Being a Denver native, Trevor enjoys typical Colorado hobbies such as skiing, hiking, fishing, golfing and watching sports—it goes without saying that the Broncos and CU Buffs are his favorite teams. Trevor got to live the Bronco dream when he went to see them play in Super Bowl XLVIII, not the outcome he had hoped for, but still a fantastic experience!

So far Trevor is proving to be a superhero in the way of experience planning, but if Trevor had to pick another super power he said it would have to be Green Lantern’s ring. While this gives us some good insight into who Trevor is, we find there’s always more insightful things lurking on someone’s home screen of their phone.

Trevor's Homescreen

Upon futher review we peaked into Trevor’s favorite apps , and Venmo is at the top.  He says it’s one of the best because it’s simple, easy to use and provides a financial utility he uses a lot.  His most used app is Spotify and he recommends the Sunrise Calendar App.

Some might want to debate his choice of super power or most useful app, but no one can question the value Trevor brings to Karsh Hagan! We’re glad he’s here and can’t wait to see what the next 90 days have in store.

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