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20 Years: Producer. Creative. Animal Lover. Friend.

By Karsh Hagan | 

20 Years: Producer. Creative. Animal Lover. Friend.

Becky Ferguson

When one Googles the definition of “passion,” Becky’s face should be the first item that pops up! For 20 years now, she has tirelessly and enthusiastically worked for KH in all matters of video/broadcast production. Though her official title reads Director, her dazzling skills on a shoot, and her speed and efficiency during post-production are more reflective of a Queen! She’s as wonderful as a person as she is at her job—anyone who’s had the pleasure of working with her would echo that sentiment.

Her love of and passion for all things production is only exceeded by her love of dogs! When anyone brings a four-legged friend to the office, Becky is the first one on the ground­—offering treats and belly rubs! The compassion that she shows her two dogs, Scout and Harper, is more than likely unmatched by any other dog enthusiast.

Becky by the Numbers

Becky is as eager to offer her assistance, as she is to welcome a new furry friend to the office or to her home.  The wisdom she offers is invaluable to new employees and seasoned veterans alike. Over the years Becky has worked on over 200 projects, for different 20 clients in 12 different States.

In that time, anyone who’s been lucky enough to work with her knows that she approaches every project with the same enthusiasm as she did her very first project.

We’re grateful for her service, for her passion, and for her friendship. Thank you for your years of service, we can’t wait to see what the next 20 bring!

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