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Mariana and Jarrod: What's on their Home Screen?

By Karsh Hagan | 

Mariana and Jarrod: What's on their Home Screen?

Mariana Garza is Karsh Hagan’s new Account Supervisor on Visit Denver! Before joining the team she studied at the University of Texas Austin and earned a degree in Advertising. She also spent some time working at Leo Burnett Chicago.

Mariana hails from a little border town, Del Rio in Texas, and comes from a big family. She is the youngest out of five sisters! Mariana has traveled all over the world from Japan to Barcelona and all around Europe, she wants to one day say she’s visited at least six continents.  On her free time she enjoys activities such as dancing, hiking, bowling and she’s training to run a half marathon on December 7, 2014, even though she states she hates running.

Mariana's Homescreen

Mariana’s Homescreen

While glimpsing at Mariana’s phone we learned that Spotify is her favorite app and the apps she uses most are Yelp and WhatsAPP.  Yelp to help her find places close to her and WhatsAPP so she can talk to her family in Mexico for free!  She recommends the app FreePrints for anyone that has a hoard of photos on their phone and/or Facebook that they would like to printed for free.

We’re also glad to welcome back Jarrod Stanley, after leaving for a few years to develop his digital design skills, he is now back as Karsh Hagan’s Digital Designer!

He is an avid skateboarder and owns his own skateboarding company with a friend, where they sell and design custom skateboards. He swears that Angelo’s on Capitol Hill has the best pizza, although it’s recent popularity has made it hard to find a table.

Jarrod's Homescreen

Jarrod’s Homescreen

Through Jarrod’s screenshot we learned his favorite app is, an app that lets you learn about and buy art! His most used app is instagram, for obvious reasons, and he recommends Behance for creatives, it’s a “great app for seeing what’s going on and connecting with the design community around the world!”

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