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Less Screen Time, More Sunshine

By Karsh Hagan | 

Less Screen Time, More Sunshine


Starting in 2014, Karsh Hagan began creating a new name, logo, messaging and marketing materials to launch Be Colorado’s new kids’ health and fitness program that empowers child-led change within their families.

The brand that resulted was Brussels + Muscles.

What is Be Colorado? It is the wellness program for the CU Health Plan that encourages employees to work out and generally adopt healthier lifestyles. Brussels + Muscles is unique by focusing on the health of children for CU Health Plan members, ages 5 –11, using gaming, tracking and rewards to make sure kids are getting less screen time and more sunshine. By partnering with GeoPalz and ZisBoomBah, two leading kid’s fitness and nutrition programs, Be Colorado’s Brussels + Muscles program gives kids an exciting and fun way to measure their physical activity, learn about healthy food choices and develop healthy habits.

The program officially launched at the Denver Zoo last month and included a scavenger hunt, fun activities, face painting and giveaways.

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We’re very proud to have been recognized this year as an honorable mention at the 2014 Art Directors Club Denver awards for both Design: Broadcast and Design: Logo Development. We look forward to building the Brussels + Muscles brand and finding new and exciting ways to motivate children to lead healthy lives. We want to always keep it fresh. (After all who wants stale Brussels?)

For more information visit, Brussels And Muscles.

By Tarryn Sanchez, Account Coordinator

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