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Tom Hagan on Mobile Advertising

By Karsh Hagan | 

Tom Hagan on Mobile Advertising

I was in the office the other morning, when I heard two young birds talking about lunch, “Where do you want to go?”

“I dunno. Let’s look at our options.”

When I peeked over, I saw the two of them looking at a mobile phone. I thought, maybe I should get a fancier phone like that? I’m not too old.

Mobile Multitasking

This little listen of the younger generation made me think about how digital advertising is evolving due to the availability of mobile. The number of people seeking answers online is quickly shifting from desktop to mobile.

People have been watching more and more video content on their mobile devices, rather than on their computers. The latest Adobe Digital Video Report counted 35.6 billion online video plays last quarter, 25% of which came via mobile users.

According to Forward Push Media, mobile is expected to grow an astonishing 56% to $14.97 billion in 2014. This revolution is forcing advertisers to sharpen their mobile tools in order to reach a growing force of consumers on their handheld devices.

It makes me wonder if advertisers are reaching them in a way that really speaks to them in these moments. Surrounded by the chaos of their day, relying on their trusty iPhone, it’s a great moment to deliver for them.

Post by: Tom Hagan, Founder, Karsh Hagan 37 Years Ago

Tom Hagan, Founder, Karsh Hagan 37 years ago


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