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Device-Neutral Email Design. Multi-Screen-Ready.

By Karsh Hagan | 

Device-Neutral Email Design. Multi-Screen-Ready.

If you get our email newsletter, you may have recently noticed the change to a device-neutral, at-a-glance design.

karsh_email_design_largeMobile is a hot topic in email design. According to Litmus, email consumption on mobile devices has grown more than 400% since 2011, and mobile email opens hit the 50% mark in 2013. At this point, we always think mobile first, desktop second.

A few highlights of the new design include:

  • Single column design—more flexible for all screen sizes
  • Larger fonts—no need to pinch and zoom to read the text
  • Touch-friendly buttons—large targets for fingers to hit
  • Obvious CTAs—make the next action obvious

Designing emails that look great no matter how they’re read can be a design challenge. Chances are, your recipient might view your email both on mobile as well as on their desktop or tablet. Emails must be designed for every inbox.

And always consider the next click. Ensure the landing pages linked to those touch-friendly buttons look and work equally well on multiple devices. The number of screen sizes is likely to increase, therefore designing with flexibility will continue to grow in importance.

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Post by: Hugo Meyer,  Associate Creative Director

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