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Top Apps for Advertising Peeps From a Former Genius

By Karsh Hagan | 

Top Apps for Advertising Peeps From a Former Genius

For those App-o-holics who enjoy melding their love of tech with their passion for advertising, the following list of apps might be worth a download:

Fink in Action

Fink in Action

Simple Mind – Mind Mapping to capture all of your creative ideas no matter where you are.

Air Display – At-Home screen extension for when your Mac Book Air just isn’t enough to hold your work.

AirServr – Mirror your iPhone on your computer for presentations. If Air Play isn’t an option, but you can project your computer screen, this is a must have app.

Advertising Agency – A silly parody of the battle between client request and deadlines.

Social Stats for Facebook – Macro look at Facebook demographics by country…for when you need that info in a pinch.

Logo Quiz Game – Know your logos huh? Test your knowledge.


Post By: David “Fink” Finkelstein, Account Manager and truly, a former Mac Genius

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