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Mom to Mom, from the Ad World. Happy Mother's Day.

Mom to Mom, from the Ad World. Happy Mother's Day.

KH Moms Meg, Karen, Caitlin (soon to be!), Kathy, Jen, Bonnie, Raygina, Rachael [not pictured: Charlotte and Tracy]

KH Moms: Meg, Karen, Caitlin (soon to be!), Kathy, Jen, Bonnie, Raygina, Rachael [not pictured: Charlotte and Tracy]

Advice/tip for being a mother in the ad world
Advice/tip for Caitlin, our new mother-to-be

My kids have learned that working in Advertising is fun. They both want to work here when they grow up because the people laugh and we are always learning something new. Frequently, they ask for stories about KH.

Working will make you a better Mom. Time at both places become special. Your work with clients has prepared you for motherhood. You will be more patient and will be able to juggle whatever gets thrown your way. KH will support you as you grow your family.

Necessities to be a mother in advertising: multi-tasking; strength; acceptance that you can’t clone yourself; having a great partner, friends or family to share mommy duties (it does take a village); passion (because we love what we do as a mother and as a professional. Why can’t we have it all?).

1. Sleep when you can and say yes to help. 2. Baby sans diaper is a very dangerous thing, especially boys and their loaded super-soaker. If you hear rumbles in their pants don’t be too quick to change them. Give them time to finish the job.

For expectant mommas working in advertising, I suggest getting lots of rest. Days in the office are hectic and gone are the days fueled by caffeine, so rest up on the weekends and evenings so you can be prepared and awake during your days. With a new babe on the way rest will be thing of the past so enjoy your down time now and don’t burn the candle at both ends………. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Hug your children every chance you get.

Be present in your child’s life…leave work at work. Your child doesn’t care about a deadline or a project…he/she cares about enjoying time with you.

Don’t forget to treat yourself…being a mom doesn’t mean your life has completely changed.

Moms, don’t let your job take priority over being a parent, the hardest and best job you’ll ever have.

Caitlin, you will get to sleep again before too long.

Working in the industry has taught me the true meaning of advertising and the effects it has on everyone (Most importantly our young children). We as mothers have to teach our children to work hard and believe in themselves. I have taught my daughters that sometimes learning means making mistakes but as long as they believe in themselves as much as I believe in them that they can accomplish whatever their hearts desire (big or small).

Get as much as sleep as you can before your little bundle arrives and cherish every moment, they go by very fast.

There is no work/life balance. There is only focus. When you’re with your kids, be the best mom you can be in that moment. When you’re in work-mode, be the best teammate you can be.

To Caitlin: everyone told me to savor the moments, they go fast. I thought I knew what that meant, but I didn’t. Moments don’t have to be momentous or long-lasting, in fact, they’re the opposite. They’re unexpected and fleeting. So yes, those precious first moments and first year go by surprisingly fast and you can’t recapture them no matter how many pictures and videos you have. Being present during the small moments, knowing what they felt like and letting yourself fully experience them, even being selfish about it, is the only way to savor them. xo, r

You will be entering a new demographic of “moms” and start seeing advertising messages you never knew existed before! Soak it all in and welcome to the club.

Don’t worry about getting everything right. Everything you do will be right for your baby. Your heart will tell you what to do.

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