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Spring Renewal at Agencies

By Karsh Hagan | 

Spring Renewal at Agencies

At KH, we train on presentations–writing them, tech to produce them, personal style–2x/year every year (and of course via daily mentoring). But sometimes I look at the team and realize that the main idea has gotten lost in the quest to make sure the presenter doesn’t look fidgety, manages their hands, and the slides look dialed. It all matters, but really,

It’s about the idea.

We are in the business of enrolling our colleagues and clients in ideas. We are seekers and makers who need each other to thrive. Without bold ideas, fresh thinking and keen strategy our brands languish.

To re-focus on the real root of presentations, the idea, here are my
Top 5 Tips for Enrolling Others & Selling Ideas.

  1. Open strong. If your idea of connecting with the audience is an agenda slide, find someone else to open. You must connect at the onset or risk being de-positioned before the creative takes the stage. Your chance of enrolling others in your idea/s is already on the decline and you’re on slide #2. Focus on this critical element and moment. Connect.
  2. Be You. It’s the best person you can be up there and it keeps things interesting.
  3. You’re telling a story, you’re not actually giving a presentation. It’s personable, relatable and interesting when you weave a story. I like to say that Facts Bore. Stories Soar.
  4. What’s the moral/key point of your story? Notice that doesn’t say what are the 20 things you’re trying to get across. Your audience can and will remember 1-2 things. Know what these are before you start orchestrating narrative, tech and slides. Continually ask yourself if X helps you deliver that moral/point. If it doesn’t, it’s either out altogether, in the appendix or in a leave-behind.
  5. Practice before, or practice during. I prefer the before method. Great presentations are thoughtful and refined, Think: alpha, beta, launch.


TDA's Schoenie and I on a panel at BMOCA with BDW and Digiday last week

TDA’s Schoenie and I on a panel at BMOCA with BDW and Digiday last week

Post by: Rachael Donaldson, VP New Business & Consumer Insights

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