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B2B Storytelling with Real Impact

By Karsh Hagan | 

B2B Storytelling with Real Impact

Arrow Mobility Video

Five-Year-Olds on Five Years Out Video

From Daedalus to Newton, the innovator speaks a different language—sees the world through a remarkably different lens. For our client, Arrow Electronics, and their “Five Years Out” platform we wanted to harness that aspiration, that drive, that desire to create and link it to their core being in a memorable way. And we wanted our solution to shatter category conventions as well as client expectations.

The Mission:

Create a piece of video content that can deliver the “Five Years Out” inspiration to innovators for years to come.

Demonstrate Arrow’s commitment to technological advancement without featuring technology itself.

 The Solve:

Karsh Hagan partnered with LA and Chicago-based motion graphics company, Flavor, because we admired their work and commitment to the creative process to create eight entirely unique videos, featuring everything from stop-motion to cell animation, that defined Arrow’s business sectors.

For each of the eight, unique narratives we developed we envisioned a thousand different artistic treatments necessary to embody a true innovators spirit. So having a different style of animation per video was a key creative element and Flavor had the range of capabilities to deliver. They used stop motion, cut paper, pencil, CGI and more.

Ad-Age quoted Creative Director, Matt Ingwalson, saying “You look at all they do and [Arrow Electronics has] lots of stories to tell, so we helped create the stories and [Flavor] helped with the animation…These stories are going to work in any medium you want to choose; it’s all about making sure the Arrow message gets out there.”

The Result:

Unveiled to a standing ovation at Arrow’s Global Strategic Summit in January, on a new microsite and recently featured in Ad Age [AdAge link/article requires subscription] and Screen Magazine, we crafted a vehicle for Arrow to expand, grow and put itself out there as a company and as a resource for innovators around the world.

Arrow Aerospace & Defense Video

Aerospace & Defense Video

Huge thanks to the KH Team:

Account Director: Lauren Curler, Account Manager: Brooke Berry, Associate Creative Director: Darren Brickel, Copywriter: Megan Cohen, Creative Director: Matt Ingwalson, Director of Broadcast Production: Becky Ferguson, VP Brand Strategy and Creative: Charlotte Isoline, Director of Digital: David Stewart, Senior Experience Director: Andrew Baker, Associate Creative Director: Hugo Meyer, Copywriter: Bradley Hein




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