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Yarn Bombing: Not Your Grandmother's Sport

By Karsh Hagan | 

Yarn Bombing: Not Your Grandmother's Sport

Guerrilla marketing can be an effective and an attention grabbing way of getting your message across to consumers. Disruptive to the norm and memorable to the brand, this tactic has been proven time and time again. Our fair city of Denver has stepped up to the plate in many ways on this playing field, but the most recent overtake in advertising has the whole city speaking to this particular medium.

Yarn is the new black. ‘Knitting Brigades’ and ‘Yarn Bombing’ have become the latest trends in graffiti art, and it is quickly sweeping the nation. Denver has its own gang of undercover crafters known as the Ladies Fancywork Society (LFS). This is a group of twenty-something’s who venture out in the dark of the night with the goal of beautifying the town and spreading joy to those who see their work. From the armrest on a city bench to leg warmers on the dancing white manikins downtown, no project is out of reach for these women.

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The issue with this adventurous pastime is one of legality. The city must treat yarn bombing as they would any other graffiti tagging and remove it immediately. However, these sites always seem to get quite a bit of press in just a matter of hours before city officials destroy the crochet art.

Denver marketers have taken notice and are using the publicity LFS creates to their businesses advantage. People have begun to hire out these ladies to do what they do best, but this time in the name of a certain cause. The Denver Art Museum recently contracted these women to knit an enormous garden landscape in the wee hours of the morning in order to gain attention for their exhibit of ‘Spun’, which showcased all types of fabric-based talent. The Guerrilla tactic attracted the attention they were hoping for, and the exhibit was a smash. Even smaller venues have hired LFS to promote new bands and attract attention to event openings, giving LFS creative freedom to encourage customers in ways they see fit.

YarnBomb2While the women of the Ladies Fancywork Society have not completely ceased all nighttime affairs of the knitting kind, they have found a way to use their craft to help promote a city they dearly love. They may not have set out to be the cogs behind a Guerrilla marketing trend, but they sure have set the wheel in motion. So the next time you see beautiful yarn delicately sculpted around the cold metal fence of a Denver construction site, give tribute to those who break rules in the advertising arena.

Written by Nicki Solberg, Media Intern

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