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IT Collaboration

David Stewart, vp, creative technology director | 

IT Collaboration

I recently watched the American Masters documentary on Charles and Ray Eames, that explores how an innovative couple revolutionized modern furniture in the 1950’s. You are probably saying, “What does furniture have to do with IT silos?” The answer lies in how the Eames combined two very different talents to create something amazing.

Ray was the creative and Charles the architect. With their diverse skill-sets and artistry, the Eames were able to create a line of modern furniture that broke through technological barriers and remains relevant 60 years later.

Communicating with the IT silo is still a problem most companies have today. So, one has to ask, in our world of increased connectivity and interactions, why do we still have problems working together with IT? The answer lies in our differences.

Schools encourage students to learn a very specific skill set at a young age based on our particular personalities and interests. However, with this specialization, we don’t encourage our young people to interact with those who have a different set of skills. Cross-discipline collaboration, though often less comfortable and more difficult, evokes higher levels of creativity and results in more groundbreaking solutions.

In order to be successful as a country, company, team, or as individuals, we need to embrace technology and grow with it. Therefore we must learn to speak each other’s language, spend more time explaining how things work and how different groups can ally with each other.

Like Ray and Charles, in order to be effective, IT and Creative need to meld our dissonant voices and collaborate.

So when IT initially says no, start discussing other options and solutions. Because ultimately, our strengths lie in our differences and our power is in working together to solve a common goal. And, if you can focus a diverse team of talented people on a common goal and get them working together you will be amazed at what you can create and accomplish.


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